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hydrafacial in chattanooga, tn


Hydrafacial in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Board Certified skin experts at our Chattanooga med spa offer the latest in skin health and facial treatment options including the highly-acclaimed Hydrafacial device. 

Unlike traditional facials which are limited in functionality-completed only by hand, the Hydrafacial system includes a "magical" wand which works like a vacuum to deeply cleanse skin, open pores and extract impurities like blackheads and dead cells. 

Not only is the Hydrafacial effective at improving skin tone and exfoliation, the chemicals included in the treatment provide a glowing, brightening effect. 


To maximize results, patients can choose to add "boosters" to the end of their Hydrafacial treatment. Booster options include Peptide Complex,  Hyaluronic Acid and Heptapeptide-34. Each enhancement formula is designed to treat a particular skin concern. 

What to Expect:

The Hydrafacial skin treatment is a non-invasive procedure great for those looking for that "glow up" (especially before a big event). The procedure itself takes around 40 minutes to complete and can be combined with Dermaplaning for an additional fee. 

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