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laser skin treatment in our Chattanooga med spa

Laser & Light Treatments

Laser Skin Treatment in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Effective for treating a wide range of skin conditions, the experts at Flawless Aesthetics offer the latest in laser light technology.  Whether you are in need of a non-invasive solution for sun-damaged skin, laxity, wrinkles, scars, acne, uneven pigmentation or hair removal, laser treatment is a great choice for most cosmetic skin concerns. 

Not only does laser therapy correct the appearance of skin at a surface level, depending on the technology used, lasers can also stimulate collagen levels in the body- slowing down the signs of aging to come. 

Skin Conditions Treated by Laser Therapy:

With our commitment to offering only the best in laser technology, we carry different types of lasers to accommodate each unique concern...

  • unwanted hair growth

  • sagging skin

  • sun damage

  • acne

  • scarring

  • Cherry angiomas

  • uneven skin tone

  • enlarged pores

  • wrinkles and fine lines

  • broken capillaries

  • laxity

BBL Hero Laser- 

BBL, short for broad band light, is one of the fastest-acting lasers on the market for addressing age spots, freckles, sun damage, laxity, vessels, cherry angiomas, hair removal and acne.   Offering the broadest spectrum of wavelengths on the market, not only does this cutting-edge technology reduce treatment session time significantly (requiring only 3 minutes for large surface areas like the chest), with its integrated chill plate, patients report the BBL laser to be much more tolerable than traditional ablative treatments. In fact, the BBL does not even require numbing prior to treatment. 


Great for "pre-rejuvenation" and prevention, the Moxi is a gentle yet highly effective fractionated laser. Within just one 8-minute treatment, this non-ablative laser not only brightens and refreshes the skin, it can also correct skin texture concerns caused by sun damage and/or aging. Even better?  All of this is accomplished with little to no discomfort or downtime and can be combined with the BBL laser for the ultimate lunchtime facial.  To speed-up the post-treatment healing process, we also offer topical exosome therapy for an additional charge.   


CoolPeel CO2 Laser Resurfacing - 

If wrinkles and fine lines are your main concern, we offer CoolPeel. Unlike traditional CO2 lasers which require considerable downtime due to the heat damage they inflict, this particular fractionated laser is not only safer, but more comfortable as it only targets the superficial layer of skin using short pulses of laser energy . Once the damaged layer of skin is removed, patients will see more youthful, glowing skin, For patients also wanting to address pigment, CoolPeel can be combined with our BBL laser.  

Laser Service Offerings:

  • Glowshow 

  • CoolPeel  

  • BBL

  • Moxi 

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • Laser Pigment Removal or Correction

  • Vascular Face

  • Vascular Legs

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