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patient receiving permanent makeup on her lips


Micropigmentation in Chattanooga

Tired of the countless hours spent on applying your makeup each and every day? Permanent makeup is not only a beauty hack, but a shortcut to a more efficient morning routine!

Also known as micro-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing deposits pigment into the superficial layer of the skin to enhance the appearance of one's lips, eyebrows or eyes. While very similar to the standard tattooing process, permanent makeup utilizes ink that is more diluted and comprised of  a smaller pigment size for a more natural appearance. 

While referred to as "permanent", because of the special pigment used, the ink actually fades over time- ultimately rendering it semi-permanent. While the pigment can last several years, your cosmetic tattoo will eventually require some maintenance. 

The board-certified permanent makeup artists at our Chattanooga med-spa offer the following services:

  • permanent eyeliner

  • lip blush

  • lip liner

  • microblading

  • powder brow

  • areola pigmentation

What to Expect:

During a permanent makeup session, clients can expect the process to take approximately two full hours. To ensure minimal discomfort, patients are typically numbed beforehand. Following the initial session, clients should anticipate a follow-up appointment six weeks later for touch-ups, ensuring the desired results are maintained over time.

To learn more about how cosmetic tattooing can help your unique needs, call to schedule your FREE consultation at 423-206-9500!

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