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Unveiling the Ultimate Glow: How Sciton BBL and Moxi Laser Work Together for Maximum Skin Rejuvenation

BBL and Moxi laser skin resurfacing in Chattanooga

There is no doubt about it, the world of laser skin resurfacing is advancing rapidly.

Where aesthetic patients once had to endure the pain and downtime associated with antiquated CO2 laser modalities, suffering in the name of fabulous skin is officially so last season!

Dedicated to providing my patients with the latest and greatest in skin care technology, I am so happy to announce our med spa's latest addition of the BBL and Moxi lasers!

What is BBL?

Short for broad band light, the BBL is one of the fastest-acting lasers used to target skin pigmentation woes including age spots, Cherry Angiomas, Rosacea, freckles, sun damage and acne. With virtually no downtime required with this treatment, this laser doesn't even require numbing cream. heard that right! With a built-in cooling plate, patients report the BBL to be way more comfortable than any other ablative lasers currently on the market.

BBL laser before and after in Chattanooga
Before and After BBL Treatment

What is Moxi?

The Moxi laser is the newest favorite among the "pre-juvenation" demographic. Used to correct skin texture issues (including scars and pores), most patients notice more radiant skin within just one 20-minute session. Inducing micro-coagulation zones on the skin, the Moxi prompts the body's natural wound healing response which then boosts collagen production - ultimately brightening and rejuvenating the skin's complexion.

Moxi laser treatment in Chattanooga
Before and After Moxi Laser Treatment

BBL and Moxi Combo-

For the ultimate glow-up, patients wishing to correct both pigmentation and texture can combine these laser technologies together in just one session! Working synergistically, this combination addresses brown spots, acne and broken capillaries while also stimulating collagen production and minimizing the appearance of pores and scars! For a lunchtime facial, it truly doesn't get better than that, folks!

Even better? Most patients will achieve noticeable results after just one session (three max)! With no required downtime, patients should still expect some post-treatment redness immediately following the session.

To find out if you are an ideal candidate for the BBL + Moxi laser treatment, call us at 423-206-9500 and schedule your FREE consultation!

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