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Enhancing Your Physique: How Injectable Fillers Can Help Sculpt Your Body

non-surgical body sculpting with injectable fillers

It is truly incredible just how fast the world of aesthetic medicine is advancing- especially when it comes to the realm of non-surgical body sculpting.

In fact, just a few years ago, it seemed the only truly effective ways of treating sagging skin, dimples or stubborn fat deposits was by means of invasive surgery and/or liposuction.

But thanks to rapid advances in laser and injectable technology, patients now have so many more options beyond the costly (not to mention painful) knife.

Today, I wanted to make you aware of some of the non-surgical body sculpting treatments I offer patients here at my Chattanooga Medical Spa.

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction with Kybella -

If you don't have the luxury of the extended downtime and surgical costs associated with liposuction but you long to spot-treat stubborn fat deposits, Kybella may be your best option.

As the only FDA-approved injectable which destroys fat cells upon injection, Kybella is best known for dramatically reducing the appearance of the dreaded double-chin. However, this fat-destroying injectable can also be used to treat jowls, bra bulge and inner thigh fat.

While it may take 2-3 injection sessions to achieve optimal results, this minimally invasive treatment is still a much more affordable alternative to liposuction.

Reduce Sagging Skin and Boost the Booty with Radiesse-

Calcium based filler and biostimulator, Radiesse, is an injectable filler which is most commonly known for its beautiful effects on the face, cheeks and jawline . But as far as body woes are concerned, I love to use this injectable for off-label uses like aged hands, knees and loose, saggy skin on the arms and booty.

Looking to add some volume to your booty, but don't want to undergo costly, surgical implants? I have had great success using Radiesse for added volume on the booty and hip dips.

If you are interested in exploring non-surgical body sculpting options for your unique concerns, you can book a consultation with one of our board certified providers at 423-206-9500.

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